Bubba Watson Eats With His Head

Two-time Masters Champion, Bubba Watson, is after the green jacket again as he plays in this year’s Masters Tournament. Currently the favorite in Augusta, Watson has the opportunity to become one of only two golfers ever to win the green jacket three times in four years.

Bubba’s fans have been curious to know what fuels his success. And now the secret’s out. During his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Watson revealed that his passion for Barberitos burritos, and the more the merrier, are a prerequisite for mastering The Masters.

Obviously, Watson eats with his head. At Barberitos, he’ll never get yesterday’s veggies in today’s burrito. He’ll never get chicken that isn’t hormone-free, or beef that isn’t grass-fed. Could it be that Barberitos helps put the “smooth” in his legendary swing and the “pow” in his awesome drives? No one can really say.

Bubba is already eating his way to victory, tweeting that he has begun his #BurritoWeek for The Masters, exclaiming that he was eating “Two burritos tonight!!” from Barberitos.

Barberitos CEO, Downing Barber, says he’s “honored to provide the fuel for victory” for Watson and is looking forward to watching Bubba wear the green jacket again in 2015. Barber says that he is “a proud roller” of what he now calls the ‘Bubbarito’, The Burrito of Champions.