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Barberitos 0% Waste Initiative

(Athens, Ga.) Barberitos is excited to announce the current steps the franchise has taken in developing a 0% waste store and becoming more Eco-Friendly. Starting February 2014, all Barberitos locations began serving refreshments in new, clear polypropylene drink cups that are 100% recyclable. Studies have shown that the recycling of plastics help conserve energy and natural resources. Barberitos made the decision to switch from foam to plastic cups in an effort to become more green conscious and environmentally friendly. On April 22nd, in celebration of Earth Day, Barberitos is offering a free drink to all customers who bring in their recyclable Barberitos cup. As for paper, Barberitos uses 100% recycled brown napkins. They have also switched to compostable deli paper and recycled paper to go bags. Founder and CEO, Downing Barber, took the intiative even further by introducing composting in his Five Points location in Athens, GA. Composting has many benefits for the environment, the process helps reduce the amount of air pollution that occurs when disposing of organic scraps. Compost also improves air quality. A decrease in landfill space is the main reason for the introduction of composting into the store. The franchise has always supported the “Farm to Table” initiative and now would like to continue the cycle by returning the food waste back to the environment to grow new plants. Barberitos plans to introduce the first 0% waste restaurant in July 2014. They are also looking into more green ways to operate. Barberitos is a quick service restaurant offering fresh, made in-house food that is customized and made to order. Burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas, and nachos are their specialties. Committed to serving “farm fresh” food, Barberitos serves all natural vegetables delivered to stores and hand-cut daily. Whole breasts of chicken are grilled fresh, as is the high quality cuts of steak, and choice ground beef. Barberitos restaurants are not equipped with microwaves, as all food is prepared fresh. Barberitos’ salsas, guacamole, hot sauces, meat marinades, salad dressings, rice, beans, char grilled meats, chips, and dips are made from scratch each day. Each menu offering is prepared at the time it is ordered right in front of the customer. Barberitos “7 Under 7” menu features seven items each under seven grams of fat including a mini grilled chicken burrito, jerk fish taco, and a variety of salads. Barberitos provides full-service catering ranging from burrito boxed lunches to taco, salad, nacho, or fajita bar that can be customized to serve a few to several hundred people. Barberitos has 52 signed restaurant locations, 37 of which are open for business in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee, and Florida. For more information, visit

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Barberitos: Fast-casual Mexican chain's chief exec says opportunities for expansion are starting to heat up again

Apr 5, 2010

Despite continuing economic weakness, Downing Barber says it’s time to resume growing Barberitos, the fast-casual, fresh-Mex concept he founded 10 years ago. The 22-unit chain, which Barber launched in Athens, Ga., in January 2000, specializes in cooked-to-order Mexican food. The newest unit opened in Roswell, Ga., in December 2009, and Barber anticipates opening more company locations this year. Only two units are currently corporately owned. Barberitos’ food appeals to a variety of customers, including meat lovers and vegans, calorie counters, and fans of hearty Mexican fare. Menu items include a variety of salads, burritos, fajitas, tacos and quesadillas. The average check is about $7. Although two units are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, alcohol sales are not the chain’s primary objective, he said. The concept is geared toward family diners. Barber discovered his passion for Mexican food while living in Colorado and decided to take the cuisine to Georgia. “At the time, there wasn’t great demand for the burrito business on the East Coast, especially in Georgia,” he said. “This type of restaurant, with its healthy food, really attracted me.” Ten years and 22 stores later, Barberitos has weathered many storms—including the current recession and, more recently, the tomato freeze in Florida that wiped out the region’s harvest and caused tomato prices to more than quadruple. “It’s been tough,” Barber said. “But we’re surviving. We tried to buy as many [tomatoes] as we could from the last truck out of Florida. But right now we’re taking it on the chin waiting for a new harvest to come in.” Barber said renegotiating his purchasing contracts has put the chain in a stronger place financially. “We locked in contracts on beef, rice, beans, cheese and sour cream before the crisis happened, so our costs are lower,” he said. “If we keep operating in the same way, we’ll have a very positive future.” Despite competition from such heavy hitters as Chipotle and Qdoba, the fast-casual Mexican segment is a good place to be, said Ron Paul, president and chief executive of Technomic, a Chicago-based market research firm. “Americans, not just Latins, like the food and are looking for more options,” he said. “Fresh is definitely seen as healthy. It certainly is looked upon as a trade-up from quick serve, and people are willing to spend considerably more for it.” Barberitos also faces competition from Moe’s Southwest Grill, a 400-unit chain based in Atlanta and owned by Focus Brands Inc. Barberitos’ sales currently are flat, but franchisees are increasing their community involvement in a bid to boost sales. “People are more receptive to those who give back during hard times,” Barber said. “We’re trying to gain the loyalty of our customers by helping out. We’re trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one as best we can.” As lenders loosen their grip on financing, Barber said he is ready to resume franchising to take advantage of both real estate opportunities and the wealth of people interested in owning businesses. “We’re looking to grow again,” he said. “We had been, but the tough economic times came and hindered us. Now, though, it seems as if institutions are lending again, but with tougher regulations.” He added, “There are a lot of people who are out of work and interested in getting into Barberitos to supplement their careers. We’re going to choose from a lot of different people. We prefer to teach them our way anyway so there are no bad habits. We’re basically looking for people who have the capital to open and operate stores.” Barber said stores cost between $250,000 and $300,000, depending on the build-out. The cost is considerably lower, he added, if the location is in an existing restaurant, which costs between $100,000 and $150,000. Franchise fees and royalty rates are $20,000 and 5 percent, respectively.

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