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Barberitos to Host Annual Winter Meeting this January

Barberitos Franchising, Inc. is set to hosts its Annual Winter Summit Meeting in Athens, GA January 12th and 13th. Licensees system-wide will travel to the conference to learn about the new Marketing and Operations for 2015, as well as reflect on the success of 2014. This year will provide the licensees with an interesting twist on the two-day event. The franchise office will host its first “Throwdown with Heavy-D” cook-off between the CEO, Downing Barber, and all participating franchisees the day prior to the business conference. The objective of the contest will be to create and find the next Limited Time Offers for Barberitos locations in 2015. “This will be a great way to have fun and see what other products franchisees may have created.”said Downing Barber, CEO of Barberitos Franchising. Barberitos Winter Summit is not just about sharing plans for the New Year, it is also a time to reflect on 2014 and give thanks to the licensees for their hard work. Awards with categories such as Franchisee of the Year, Top Compliance, Top Sales, Most Improved, and the philanthropy driven Bigger Than A Burrito award, are given to outstanding franchisees. These awards help drive the franchisees to higher success each year. The company is excited to have guest speaker, John Moore, speak to the company this year. John is the author of The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing, a book read by all members within the Barberitos Company. John will share his insights on word-of-mouth marketing and educate those in attendance on how to execute the practice properly and grow a business. Barberitos has 57 signed restaurant locations, 39 of which are open for business in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina,Tennessee, and Florida. For more information and directions to your local Barberitos, visit

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Ole! Barberitos serves up wide range of spicy choices

Aug 5, 2010

Cozy setting adds to experience at Habersham Village Barberitos has brought a cheery and comfortable atmosphere to a corner of Habersham Village, along with a detailed and delicious Southwestern menu that will satisfy the most demanding appetites at a reasonable cost. My wife and I dropped in on a recent weekday evening, and, after waiting for a few minutes for a decision-challenged customer to make up her mind, took our first look at the wall-mounted menu ourselves. We quickly understood her dilemma: There’s a lot to consider. I eventually settled on the Super Vegetarian Burrito ($5.89) in a spinach tortilla. (The other tortilla choices are flour, wheat and chipotle.) It came tightly packed with rice, pinto beans, guacamole, salsa, black olives, sliced onions and chopped cucumber. Spicy, but not sweat-inducing, this burrito was quite filling. I cut it in half, and briefly thought I’d be taking the second portion home, but it was too good to stop. And, for those of us watching our weight and cholesterol levels, there are many other comparatively healthy choices, including a Guacamole Salad with spinach leaves. Shelly went with the Grilled Salad ($6.59) and filled the crisp taco shell with steak, lettuce, black beans, salsa, cheese, sour cream and ranch dressing. She was surprised and delighted with the freshness of the ingredients and the blend of flavors. “This is the best taco salad I’ve ever had,” she said, as she broke up the shell and dipped it in the cheese sauce. The dining room is bright, and its walls lined with colorful artwork and flat-screen televisions. We sat in one of the comfortable booths, which, because of their high backs, lend a feeling of privacy to the experience. Along with the $1.59 drinks — sweet tea for Shelly, lemonade for me — it was a delightful dining experience for less than $20. My sole complaint was the Cheese Dip ($1.99), which I found to be thin and bland. The chips, on the other hand, were warm, thin, crisp and flavorful. Next time I’ll try them with some of the choices at the salsa bar.

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