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Barberitos: Bigger Than a Burrito, “Changing the world one burrito at a time”

For the past 14 years, Barberitos has been home to “Big Burritos” and “Farm Fresh Ingredients.” These well-known monikers have helped the popularity of the brand to grow immensely. The franchise has expanded from one Downtown Athens, GA location into 56 franchised locations to date and 14 more signed to open in the near future. While the big burritos and farm fresh ingredients will always be apart of Barberitos, the Southwestern franchise is ready to share what the culture of Barberitos is really about. Many may wonder what sets Barberitos apart from other Southwestern quick serve restaurants in the industry. Though the made in-house daily salsas, chips, and proteins may play an instrumental part in differentiating the establishments, the franchise likes to think the biggest difference is that all franchised locations are locally owned and operated. Barberitos believes that being locally owned helps create ties and make an impact on each individual community. Every month, all Barberitos locations strive to live “Bigger Than a Burrito.” Bigger than a Burrito is what the franchise likes to call it’s community involvement and spontaneous random acts of kindness. This initiative is meant to show that the Barberitos culture is more than just about making burritos, but it is also about giving back. Each Barberitos host percentage nights throughout the month to help raise money for local organizations, schools, or others who are in need. Food donations, sponsorships, and cash donations are additional ways that Barberitos owners try to give back to the community. Barberitos makes it a point to invest in the community, but in the people of its community, as well. Many Barberitos owners have made it a priority to offer local jobs to their area. The franchise believes strongly in the investment and development of the younger generation; Barberitos provides an after school environment for kids to learn and grow their skills beyond the classroom. Food preparation, interpersonal communication, management, and relationship building skills are a few of the things an individual will become experienced in at Barberitos. When an individual dines at Barberitos, they are not only benefiting the local establishment, but also the local community as well. Each burrito sold helps give back to the people, organizations, and schools of each local area. At the end of the day can a burrito change the world? Barberitos thinks it can, one burrito at a time.

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