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Customer Lost 70lbs. Eating Healthy Barberitos!

Barberitos launched their 2012 Healthy Campaign this January system-wide to promote weight loss and wellness. The campaign kicked off with an alternative healthy menu, updates and more nutritional information on their website. The “7 under 7” menu features seven original dishes that are modified to each be under seven grams of fat. The items include the mini veggie burrito, the jerk fish taco, and several Barberitos sans shell; a small side salad is substituted for tortilla chips.

To show that Barberitos and a healthy lifestyle can be possible, Barberitos will be featuring how Jay Lowe, a customer from Thomasville, lost over 70 lbs. by exercising regularly and eating Barberitos eight times per week for four months. By sharing Jay’s story, Barberitos hopes to show people that being healthy does not mean sacrificing eating out.

“The hope is that these already-made meals will encourage health-conscious customers to modify their favorite dish to fit into their weight-loss plan, as well as to reach new customers looking for a healthy, quick and affordable option,” says Downing Barber, CEO and Founder of the franchise.

Committed to serving “farm fresh” food, Barberitos serves only-all natural vegetables delivered to stores and hand-cut daily. Whole breasts of chicken are grilled fresh, as is the high quality cuts of steak, and choice ground beef. Barberitos restaurants are not equipped with freezers or microwaves as all food is prepared fresh, with no fats or preservatives added during the time of preparation. Barberitos’ salsa, guacamole, hot sauces, meat marinades, and salad dressings are made from scratch ever day.
Each menu offering is prepared at the time it is ordered right in front of the customer. Founded in 2000, Barberitos has 25 restaurant franchise locations in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. For more information on the Healthy Campaign 2012, visit

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